How to Setup Alexa on your phone or tablet

Please follow this article to setup Alexa on your smartphone

Update for iOS users: Apple has just updated the Alexa app for iOs and the new version is slowly being rolled out. With the updated app you will be able to use voice control and test it with your Smart Home. Please download the Alexa App from the App store.

  • Login with your Amazon account or register a new account
  • When selecting a smart speaker, click “Skip device setup”
  • Click the Hamburger icon and select Skills.
  • Search for “Voxior”, enable the skill.
  • Login here to be able to discover devices with Alexa 
  • Go back to the Alexa app, tap the blue Alexa button and say “Alexa discover devices”
  • Tap the blue button to start voice control
  • Now you can use Voice control on your smartphone or tablet! 

Please note that due improved microphones in the Echo devices, their speech recognition is superior to the smartphone.


How to set-up the Google Assistant on your Smartphone or Tablet

Please follow this guide to set-up the Google Assistant on your Android or iOS device. iOS users can download the Google Assistant from the Apple store if it is available in their country.

  • Steps 1 and 2 will show you, how you can find the “Home Control” tab and how to connect your Smart Home Devices -  you can also follow the shorter instructions below

  • Please tap and hold the Home button (the cross symbol)
  • After that please tap the Compas icon,
  • Tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner and select "Settings"
  • Please swipe down and select "Home Control"
  • In the “Add Device” section, search for Voxior Home

Note: If you experience any errors, we suggest taking a look our Google Home Video

  • Sometimes the Google Assistant shows an error, however refreshing the Device tab will show you all the imported devices - just swipe down with your finger to refresh.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please let us know at, by contacting our helpful support team via Chat (blue button in the bottom right) or book a Support call.

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