Our Team has researched and tested the following list of commands with Siri/HomeKit for controlling lights, thermostats, blinds, switches and of course, scenes.

Siri commands for Lights

To turn on/off a light
"Hey Siri, turn <light> on/off"
"Hey Siri, turn on/off <light>"
"Hey Siri, set on/off <light>"
"Hey Siri, set <light> on/off"

Query the light status
“Hey Siri, is the <light> on/off?"

Set a light brightness to a certain percentage
"Hey Siri, set <light> to 50%"

Dim a light
"Hey Siri, dim <light>"
"Hey Siri, decrease <light>"

Brighten a light
"Hey Siri, brighten <light>"
"Hey Siri, increase <light>"

Dim/Brighten lights by a certain percentage
"Hey Siri, dim/brighten <light> by 50%"
"Hey Siri, increase/decrease <light> by 50%"

Turn on/off all lights in room
"Hey Siri, turn on/off lights in <room>"
"Hey Siri, turn on/off <room> lights

Turn on/off all lights
"Hey Siri, turn on/off all of the lights"


Siri commands for thermostats

To set the temperature to all thermostats
“Hey Siri, set the temperature to 22”

To set thermostat using the thermostat's room name
“Hey Siri, set the <room> thermostat to 22 degrees.”

To set the thermostat using the thermostat’s name
“Hey Siri, set <thermostat> to 20”
"Hey Siri, <thermostat> 20 °C"

To hear the ambient temperature on the thermostat
"Hey Siri, what is the temperature inside"

To hear what the temperature is set to on the thermostat
“Hey Siri, what’s the <room> thermostat set to?”

Increase/decrease the temperature on all thermostats (for 1 degree)
“Hey Siri, raise/lower the temp”
"Hey Siri, make it warmer”
"Hey Siri, make it cooler"
"Hey Siri, make it warmer in here"
"Hey Siri, make it cooler in here"

Increase/decrease the temperature using the thermostat's room name
"Hey Siri, raise/lower the temp in the <room>"

Increase/decrease the temperature using the thermostat's name
"Hey Siri raise/lower the temperature of <thermostat>"
"Hey Siri, make <thermostat> warmer/cooler"

Increase/decrease the temperature for X degrees/specific thermostat
"Hey Siri, raise/lower the temperature of <thermostat> by 2 degrees”
"Hey Siri, raise/lower the temperature by 2 degrees"
"Hey Siri, increase/decrease <thermostat> temperature by <1> degree(s)"

To switch heating or cooling modes for all rooms modes¹
“Hey Siri, turn on the heat/cooling”

To switch heating or cooling for a specific room
"Hey Siri, make it warmer/cooler in the <room>"

To set the mode and temperature
“Hey Siri, set the heat to 22”
“Hey Siri, set the air conditioning to 22” 

¹ Please note: This command changes the mode to auto heat/cool mode. In order for this command to work, the Smart home has to support auto mode. 


Siri commands for blinds

To fully open the blinds

"Hey Siri, <blind> up"
"Hey Siri, open <blind>"
"Hey Siri, increase <blind>"
“Hey Siri, set <blind> to 100%”

To fully close the blinds

"Hey Siri, <blind> down"
"Hey Siri, close <blind>
"Hey Siri, decrease <blind>"
“Hey Siri, set <blind> to 0%”

Query the blind status
Are the <blinds> up/down?

Set the blinds to a certain position
"Hey Siri, set <blind> to 50%"

Increase binds by a certain percentage
"Hey Siri, increase <blind> by 50%"

Decrease blinds by a certain percentage
"Hey Siri, decrease <blind> by 50%"


Toggle/Invert Commands:

Some of the users mentioned, they would like to change the way the ON/OFF commands work for the blinds. Currently your blinds will open, when you say "Alexa, turn off <blind>" and close when you say "Alexa, turn on <blind>".

In order to make these commands more intuitive, you can invert them. When saying "Alexa, turn off <blind>" the blind will close. You can achieve this by clicking on the cog icon in the Voxior App and select “Invert Open/Close commands”.

Other commands, like up/down, querying the status of the blind or setting the position of the blinds by a certain percentage stay the same.


Commands for switches and scenes

To turn on/off a switch/plug
"Hey Siri, turn on/off <switch>"

Query the switch/plug status
"Hey Siri, is the <switch> on/off?"


Activate a scene
"Hey Siri, activate <scene name>"
"Hey Siri, turn on <scene name>”

Deactivate a scene
"Hey Siri, deactivate <scene name>"
"Hey Siri, turn off <scene name>"


What's next?

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