To fully open the blinds:
"Alexa, <blind> up"
“Alexa, turn off <blind>”
“Alexa, turn <blind> off”
“Alexa, set <blind> off”
“Alexa, set off <blind>”

"Alexa, increase <blind>"
"Alexa, brighten <blind>"

"Alexa, set <blind> to 0%"

To fully close the blinds:
"Alexa, <blind> down"
“Alexa, turn on <blind>”
“Alexa, turn <blind> on/off”
“Alexa, set <blind> on/off”
“Alexa, set on/off <blind>”

"Alexa, decrease <blind>"
“Alexa, dim <blind>”

"Alexa, set <blind> to 100%"

Set the blind to a certain position:
"Alexa, set <blind> to 50%"
"Alexa, increase <blind> by 50%"
"Alexa, decrease <blind> by 50%"

Out team is constantly testing new commands, we suggest keeping an eye on this articles for updates and news.

Toggle/Invert Commands:

Some of the users mentioned, they would like to change the way the ON/OFF commands work for the blinds. Currently your blinds will open, when you say "Alexa, turn off <blind>" and close when you say "Alexa, turn on <blind>".

In order to make these commands more intuitive, you can invert them. When saying "Alexa, turn off <blind>" the blind will close. You can achieve this by clicking on the cog icon in the Voxior App and select “Invert Open/Close commands”.

Other commands, like up/down, querying the status of the blind or setting the position of the blinds by a certain percentage stay the same.

What's next?

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